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The Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre was formed back in 1994 as the first private interdisciplinary clinic in Victoria dedicated to specialized assessment of voice using videostroboscopic technology. Over the years, we have developed even greater expertise and skill in line with new research findings, our experiences and with evidence-based practice. We regularly upgrade our equipment to the ‘latest release’ digital system to ensure that the pictures gained offer the best possible laryngeal view and analysis.

At The Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre, we embrace a team approach to voice assessment which involves, as a minimum, both a speech pathologist and an ENT specialist. We believe that, since the voice is a dynamic process, an exclusively structural assessment does not suffice. For this reason, we use sophisticated equipment to evaluate the vibratory behaviour of the vocal folds (cords) as well as the structure. We also assess the function of the larynx in different contexts (for example, breathing, speaking softly versus loudly, singing or whistling etc.). Using these methods and others, we can then determine, not just how the larynx looks, but how it WORKS too.



Is stroboscopy relevant to all people or only necessary for singers and performers?

At The Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre we see people from all walks of life who happen to have a voice complaint. Our specialised stroboscopy equipment provides more detailed information regarding the vocal folds and vibration than a standard light scope. This therefore increases diagnostic accuracy and improved decision-making regarding the optimal management choices for many laryngeal conditions. Stroboscopy is therefore applicable to all voice users who develop hoarseness or voice concerns and may be recommended by other ENT specialists as a tertiary referral for further diagnostic or management purposes.

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